Cleanroom Doors - Roll Up, Swingout, Sliding

March 31, 2021

Among the many cleanroom door manufacturers, Nicos Group Inc provides high-standard solutions through the Nicomac modular cleanroom system which meet and exceed the most advanced industry demands. Particular attention is given to the design of cleanroom doors, one of the most critical items in the modular cleanroom design. Obviously, cleanroom doors are necessary for the movement of people and transfer of goods but, at the same time, they could be a source of potential contamination. This should be taken into account when preparing clean room door specifications.

Fluxes interchange are unavoidable when clean room doors are open, but once closed, they must have a proper seal to meet the cleanroom specifications required for rooms’ pressurization in cleanroom. To achieve this goal, CFD analysis has been performed to numerically evaluate fluxes exchanges through cleanroom doors. Results have shown low leakage discharges between two rooms characterized by a discharge gradient, even smaller than the usual value of design fluxes interchange, confirming the high sealing performaces of our cleanroom door systems.

Nicos Group offers top-quality cleanroom doors of the Nicomac’s product line, our manufacturing facility. Depending on each case of study, different types of doors and door hardware could be specified. Our unique product line offers a wide range of cleanroom doors:

  • cleanroom single to double swing out doors
  • cleanroom sliding doors
  • cleanroom roll up doors

Figure 1. Single Swing outdoor, Double Swing out door, Sliding door, Roll-up door

All the Nicomac swing cleanroom doors are designed to fit flush with both sides of our wall panel system to facilitate door cleaning.

Durability is a key point that highlights Nicos Group Inc’s s both cleanroom sliding door and swing out. With an internal welded aluminum framework, high-quality material use for skin layer and insulation, and durable hardware, they are capable of sustain hundreds of thousands of openings and beat the competition of the worldwide cleanroom door manufacturers. The Nicomac Pharmaceutical door panels have the same features and variety of options of our wall panel systems, such as:  

  • Skin layers: High Pressure Laminate(HPL), Galvanized Steel powder coated, uPVC coated, Aluminum (AL), Stainless Steel(STX) and  Glass panel.
  • Insulation material: Polystyrene(HDP), Polyurethane (PUR or PIR), Aluminum Honeycomb (HC) and Rockwool (RW).
  • Food grade silicone sealant to caulkpanel seams.
  • Externalframe manufactured with round anodized or powder coated aluminium profiles withairtight dual gaskets, useful for the installation on existing walls.

Figure 2. PanelStratigraphy

While preparing cleanroom door specifications, it is necessary to find the best solution according to the project needs and the cleanroom price the enduser is able to afford. Swing out doors require more space due to the opening radius but guarantee a better seal if compared to the other door types. Sliding doors, on the contrary, do not require additional space in the cleanroom but still require extra side wall space. Roll up doors, instead, are seen as a valuable option in high traffic products transfer areas.

Cleanroom roll up doors supplied by Nicomac provide guarantees on all surface cleaning ability and inspection for the cleaning process. They can be used on ISO 7 and ISO 8 rooms, while there are still questions about their use in sterile and ISO 5 application.

Table 1. Door type's PROs and CONs

Here, a list of cleanroom door specifications and their suitability for every single cleanroom door type. ” +++ “ stands for excellent suitability, while “ – “ for not completely advisable.

Table 2. Suitability for door types

Furthermore, the panels have been tested according to the most known international standards and the strictest insutry cleanroon specifications and demonstrated a high-quality behavior to elevate temperature, scratching, water steam and full compatibility with chemicals used for cleaning and sanitizing. In accordance with the cGMP guidelines, cleaning operations are eased by the smooth design of the doors, with the elimination of sharp corners and ledges. Our cleanroom doors, in fact, can be supplied with customized visual glazing that fully flush to panels, avoiding the deposit of dusts and bacteria.

Figure 3. Visuals on doors

Thanks to the high-technology machines in our production facilities, the door dimensions can be customized based on the client’s needs. Several types of celanroom door hardware  are available, such as handles, closing systems, locking devices and door’s windows.

Nicos Group integrates high-tech control systems from the most established companies in the US market. Cleanroom Doors’ Interlocking systems are widely used in the cleanrooms, to avoid the simultaneous opening of two or more doors and, therefore, to minimize possible contaminations. Door status can be shown on frame or wall-mounted light status indicators. Our access control devices, to monitor and control the personnel flow, varies from the most commonly used, such as badge readers and digital codes, to the high-tech ones, such as touchless and biometric systems.

Figure 4. Light Status Indicators and access controls

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