GMP Washers

GMP, Pharma Grade Parts and Glassware Washer

Compact Footprint & Hinged Door Washer

This machine offers pre-washing, washing, rinsing, drying and cooling phases with optimal performance in a compact size and footprint solution. Machines are designed for pharmaceutical products such as glassware, pipettes, machine parts, tanks, glass bottles, pill stamps, carboys, tubes, needles, etc.
Hinged type chamber doors with single or double door and double locking device made in accordance with requirements for clean environments (sliding doors also available).

  • Low running and life cycle costs.
  • Orbital welding on all piping with tri-clamp fittings..
  • Customized and engineered loading equipment: racks/carts and baskets. Adjustable height transport trolleys. Possibility of interfacing unloading door with isolator.
  • Uses only of FDA approved components (valves, filters, piping, triclamp fittings, pumps, etc.).

Project Management & Installation Services

Services provided out of the Norwood New Jersey facility

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