NICOS Sterilizing Autoclaves

NICOS supply anbd install scores of standard sized of Pharmaceutical production and laboratory Steam, Air/Steam mixture, Superheated Water, autoclave sterilizer, ranging from 150 liters (5.3 cu.ft) to 7,000 liters (141 cu.ft.).

All steam sterilization autoclaves by NICOS meet or exceed the latest cGMP requirements.  Aside from the standard models, ICOS is capable of manufacturing customized autoclave sterilizer which can satisfy any particular requirements, regarding the chamber size, performance, level of automation, etc.  
Here is an example of NICOS' steam sterilization autoclave capabilities: although the superheated water and air/steam mixture autoclave sterilizers are highly specialized units, NICOS is able to manufacture an autoclave which can combine one of these two special cycles with the conventional steam sterilization cycle. Furthermore, NICOS can even combine all of the three cycles mentioned above (steam, superheated water, and air/steam mixture sterilization) in one single unit.

Below are just a few of our steam sterilizer autoclaves features:

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