Nicos Cleanroom Design & Construction Projects

University of Nevada Medical Centre - Cleanroom for Compounding Pharmacy

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

"It was a great working with the Nicos, your Team followed us in every step of the project with a very cooperative attitude. We are very satisfied both with the quality of Nicos Cleanroom Material and with the professionality of your installation team."

Kristy Staff, Martin Harris Construction
Project Manager
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Cleanroom - Dry Room for EV Batteries manufacturing plant in Detroit, Michigan.

With the support of the Berg Group we are progressing well on the installation of the Nicos Group modular system at the EV Batteries manufacturing plant, in Detroit, Michigan. A 40,000+ ft² project with a highly challenging time schedule.... will keep you posted.

Francesco Nigris
click for a short video on the start of installation procedure.
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Bill Gates Founded Nicos Success Story

Vaccine facility in Washington State

Proud to see the success of a project housed on a Nicomac Cleanroom system and installed by Nicos Group Inc.

Francesco Nigris, President
Watch a short video where Bill Gates presents the new Nicomac Cleanroom vaccine facility in Washington State.
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Biotech in Massachusettes


We like challenging jobs. We love when our customers at Unispace Dana Myhaver and Adam Petersen shared with us that we exceeded their expectations! We are proud when our PM claudio castellarin gets things done with challenging delivery schedules! We are passionate about having Northway Biotech happy about our service when this will be completed!

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3D Bio Therapeutics

Queens - New York, New York - "Nicos group performed excellent work while designing and installing our new clean room."

Nicos Group supplied a full turn-key, ISO 7 cleanroom (engineering-design services, permitting, wall system, electricals, plumbing, HVAC etc.) in the most challenging location available: NYC, New York. In less than 5 months from PO date, the cleanroom was handed to the customer, and ready to go into the validation stage, that was successfully completed. Another proof of how Nicos Group can be your turnkey supplier if you are looking to get started with your cleanroom project! “Nicos group performed excellent work while designing and installing our new clean room. Their ability to meet an aggressive timeline with high-quality, cleanable surfaces was paramount in delivering a successful project. Responsiveness became a key factor as swiftly addressing unforeseen facility circumstances and rapidly modifying portions of the installation to meet our changing needs were vital. We fully appreciate the dedication of their experienced installers who also provided guidance outside of their own product that was beneficial to our company overall.”

Micheal Kelliher
Sr. Director of Manufacturing 3D Bio Therapeutics
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Kalexsyn Michigan

Western Michigan University Campus - "On behalf of Kalexsyn team I would like to congratulate Nicomac for the great job."

Kalexsyn, located in the Western Michigan University campus, was looking for a reliable partner to complete their transition from a research facility to a manufacturing one, building their brand new KiloLab, and renovating the ceiling of their QC Lab. Key requirements: quality materials, expert project management and ability to coordinate with other trades Nicos Group, as proven by the comment below, managed to meet the strict deadlines and expectations set by the customer. “On behalf of Kalexsyn team I would like to congratulate Nicomac for the great job has been done during the design and the construction of our new API lab: very good communication with the team and with the other contractors, high quality materials and excellent installers, readiness to solve any arose problem, after sales support lived up to the expectations. The effort to meet our tight schedule has been great.” Kalexsyn, Inc.

Federico Toson
Process Engineer, Project Manager
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Teva New Jersey

A challenging project.

"The Installation of the Modular system for the Cleanroom at Teva in New Jersey has been a challenging project: scheduling and logistics were managed in a way to make possible continuation of the day to day operation in the factory and minimizing the interference with the proper flow of the scheduled production. We are all very happy about the final result and we would like to thank the entire Nicos project management team, the installation crew, our subcontractors and the Teva project team who cooperate in the best way to the project success”

Stefano D'aleo
Installation Manager
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Solux Corporation

Stringent time schedules and several large items of equipment (including our ICOS Washers and Sterilizers) to be integrated in our modular HPL panels were some of the challenges that Nicos Group had to face during this exciting project. The final result is a modern, state-of-the-art ISO 7 facility, for the production of a broad number of pharmaceutical products such as sterile injectables, High-potency products, Lyophilized product, Low bio-burden products.

“On behalf of the Solux team I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Nicomac team for the first-class clean room facility designed, manufactured and installed by Nicomac in our facility. As you know the project was very complex with many services and items of equipment to integrate. However, your hard-working professional site team managed these complexities and completed the installation activities to a very high standard while allowing a very tight schedule to be maintained.”

Dmitry Itkin
Chief Executive Officer - Solux Corporation
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Allergy Laboratories

Aseptic Cleanroom, installed as an expansion to their existing line in Oklahoma where our customer manufactures biological extracts for the diagnostic testing and therapeutic treatment of allergies, as well as sterile depyrogenated vials and sterile diluents. During the completion of this project, some changes from the original project occurred. Despite this, Nicos Group provided a prompt response and completed the installation within the timeframe originally scheduled.

“Originally I was very hesitant because of the fact that the material would be from overseas. Your factory beat the original ship date by several weeks, while most of our US suppliers were late. The material delivered was exactly as represented by your team and it is of the high quality we demanded for our aseptic clean rooms. My last few concerns revolved around additional material needed and support after the sale. Most of my concerns regarding additional material dissolved when I discovered how much extra material is delivered with the original shipment. ”

Warren Johnson
Vice President - Allergy Laboratories
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PCCA is our compounding pharmacies’ partner. We installed this 1,400 sqft cleanroom in Houston, TX to renew their entire compounding area. Highlights of the project include interlocked roll-up doors, the realization of false columns for the air chases and the integration of our doors and wall panels with the walls of the existing structure. Nicos Group recently started a partnership with PCCA to supply full turn-key modular cleanrooms to compounding pharmacies all over the United States.

“We worked on this renovation with our new clean-room partner, Nicos Group, and the design and installation process were seamless. This investment is just one example of how we deliver quality without compromise”

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Valor Compounding Pharmacy

Modular Cleanroom installed for a compounding pharmacy in California. Nicos Group transformed a standard room in a clean environment with HPL wall panels, completing the compounding area with a T-Grid ceiling, UL listed light fixtures and integrating our 1 ¾’ thick glazing with the walls of the structure. Nicos Group took care of all the architectural portion of this project, creating a USP 797-800 compliant environment.

“It has been an honor as well as a pleasure to work with you and your team and I hold the experience very near and dear to my heart as you took over a difficult phase of the Wellspring project and delivered exceeding all our expectations. I am truly indebted.”

Christine Stephanos
Chief Scientific Officer - Valor Compounding Pharmacy
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Avet Pharma Labs (formerly Heritage)

35,500 sqft Cleanroom project for an OSD facility in New Jersey. HPL panels, interlocked roll-up doors for material air-locks and walkable, grid-less ceilings. Some of the issues that we solved for this project involved the realization of extra-high ceilings in some rooms, as well as the cladding of several tight, horizontal and convex angles.

“We sincerely appreciate your efficient and gracious team members, the level of detail and accountability your team members have demonstrated on the project so far. You were able to turn the 45,000 sqft shell to an elegantly designed OSD facility in good time.Your team’s attention to detail for the building specifications and open communications insured that potential issues were addressed and corrected prior to building saving time and money.”

Gitesh Gunderia
Senior Director, Operations - HERITAGE PHARMA LABS INC.
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CHR Hansen (Formerly Biofarma US)

Nicomac Powder coated metal modular wall system for a cleanroom for Nutraceutical operation. It is very rewarding to hear such a nice comments on a job well done!

“After the successful cleanroom projects with Nicomac in Italy, we thought that that it was consequential to select the Nicomac Wall System also for our challenging project in New Jersey. Shortly after the conclusion of the project, when operating our cleanroom, I am happy to confirm that it was the right choice. Nicos Group Inc. , North America branch of Nicomac, assisted us in a very professional way along all the steps of the project from quoting to completion and was very responsive and proactive on all the little needs that arise while operating a cleanroom. “

Luigi Cogolo
President of Biofarma US
Watch the Video Installation
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