Class 100 Dry Heat Sterilizer

Manufacturer of washing and sterilizing equipment for pharma markets

We say a true Class 100 Dry heat sterilizer depyrogenizer because we can guarantee Class 100 over the entire temperature range from heat up to cool down--not just at room temperature or during the sterilization/depyrogenation phase. 

All of NICOS ovens meet or exceed the latest cGMP requirements:

  • The entire framework of the  dry heat oven is built in tubular 304 SS.
  •  The chamber and the doors of a standard oven are polished to a roughness average (RA 20 micron)
  • Excellent heat distribution due to the jacket applied at the chamber’s bottom. The temperature deviation of the Icos depyrogenizer, in the chamber does not exceed ±3-4°C.

HEPA filters on the recirculation wall have a gasketlees vacuum sealing system which eliminates particle shedding and filters’ gasket maintenance. The HEPA filters installed  the recirculation wall of the ICOS Dry heat sterilizer are “precured” and tested with specially designed equipment custom manufactured by ICOS. They are specially designed as per ICOS specification, and are the only ones worldwide which can guarantee Class 100 conditions during the entire cycle and not only at room temperature.

 The doors are sealed with a patented system which...

  •  Improves the bond between the seal profile and the sealing surface
  • In the event of a leak due to seal wear whether inward or outward, the contamination is drawn away from the loaded chamber by the vacuum system.
  • Extends duration of the door gaskets up to three to four times due to lack of mechanical stress.
  • Allows maintaining constant pressure in the chamber of the  dry heat oven and accordingly constant temperature.
  • The recirculation air of the dry heat sterilizer is distributed across the chamber uniformly by means of the air inlet wall which has fixed perforations. On the outlet wall the perforations increase in size from the top to the bottom in order to maintain constant air velocity across the chamber. Once the unit is built, it does not need further adjustment of the air flow across the chamber. 
  •  In ICOS dry heat sterilizers there are no deflectors which have to be adjusted (bent) constantly.
  • All standard ICOS equipment is furnished with 21 CFR part 11

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