Cleanroom Ceilings - Seamless Panels or T-Grid?

December 9, 2020

The cleanroom system by Nicos Group is a truly modular product: not just because the wall partitions come in modules but also because the Nicomac cleanroom ceiling, both walk on or not, comes with the option of selecting between the T-Grid or seamless ceiling.

Our drop cleanroom ceilings both walk on (Live load of 35 lbs. per 10 sq. ft. at all points across the cleanroom ceiling area: two men for maintenance activities) and not walk on are available in two main types:

1. Seamless hard ceiling

2. Grid ceiling with tiles

Both T-Grid and seamless ceilings can be supported by vertical walls, and this can be the only support also for walk on ceiling if for spans equal to or less than 12’.

When the span is over 12’, the T-Grid ceiling and the seamless types need to be supported by the structure above:( i.e., building’s roof, mezzanine, supporting steel structure etc.)

 Seamless hard ceilings

Nicos Group seamless hard cleanroom ceiling is built using the same Nicomac panels we use for our wall partitions. Therefore, we can provide this cleanroom ceiling with any of the skin types available for the wall partitions (i.e., HPL, UPVC, Powder Coated Steel etc.). and it is particularly suitable for situations where air tightness in the room is a key concern.

T-Grid ceiling with tiles

Whenever the driving factor in the cleanroom ceiling selection is flexibility, a T-Grid system is the ideal choice:

Nicos Group adds to the T-Grid ceiling choice the possibility of the Nicomac heavy duty T-Grid, in epoxy painted aluminum.

With the option of 2’x4’ or 2’x2’ T-Grid ceiling pattern.

With Nicos wide selection of cleanroom ceiling tiles, if paired with the Nicomac heavy duty walk-on tile, the whole ceiling can be certified as walkable.

In this way we can combine the advantages of a walk ceiling system with the advantages of the flexibility. The T-Grid ceiling system offers:

- Position of HEPA filters and light fixture can be swapped even after installation or up to the last moment during design.

- When ISO 5 is required, the full filter ceiling can be supplied with LED light beam built in the T-grid of the ceiling.

Nicos Group cleanroom ceilings can be compliant with seismic requirements, upon request (read more on seismic ceiling).

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