Pharma Closure Processor Systems – CIP SIP

Nicos Stopper washing machine: Washing, Sterilizing, Siliconizing  for Rubber Stoppers, Plungers, Alu Caps,
Disk Seals and Pharma Closures - Closure processing equipment.

An outstanding feature of this stopper washer sterilizer is that it can be used for rubber stoppers, aluminum line-seals (combi-caps), syringe plungers, and screw caps for vials with the same proven results.

The highly efficient  CIP - SIP system built in the Nicos closure processor, allowed several FDA certified pharmaceutical companies to process both rubber and aluminum components in the same machine.

The individual basket concept of our stopper processor allows for better physical separation of the stoppers and cycle optimization which includes:

These are the unique feature of Nicos Closure processing system:

  • Washing (with or without detergent)
  • WFI Rinsing
  • Siliconizing (with silicone oil or emulsion)
  • Steam Sterilization at 121 C
    (This phase not included in the washer only systems)
  • Hot Air Drying and Cooling
  • Unloading in stainless steel containers or plastic bags welded in place
  • Unloading through RTP valve systems such as Sartorius steribag Charge Point Pharma safe or others

Equipment Installation Services

  • All process equipment is installed by factory trained engineers out of our New Jersey office.
  • All critical spare parts are available out of our US warehouse.
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