ISO 5, ISO 7 ISO 8 Cleanroom Design - Build

July 13, 2020

Based on your application and product needs, we offer ISO 5, ISO 7 and ISO 8 clean rooms. The application ranges from aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing to the production of Personal Protective Equipment.   Our services include cGMP consulting, engineering, detailed design, construction and turnkey install.

Options for scratch free NICOMAC modular walls. Our standard construction solutions include flush installed doors, glazing and pharmaceutical grade ceilings. It can be equipped with a dedicated air conditioning system with HEPA filters or Fan Filter HEPA Units; temperature, pressure and humidity monitoring and control. Our clean room can be equipped with include a sanitization system a sanitization system. Services for room qualification and certification are also available.

SO 8 suite for the production of PPE and medical devices with design, certification, installation and air balancing included. Scratch free NICOMAC modular walls, doors, visuals, pharmaceutical-type ceilings with air conditioning system with HEPA filters or FFU's, and temperature control.
 Our specialized team will ensure a seamless turnkey project, from the design phase until the last day of construction. Nicos offers ISO Class 5 to ISO Class 8 clean rooms, as per your specifications, with cleanroom certification services available.


Architectural custom-made solutions with Nicomac Modular Cleanroom System

The quality and reliability are guaranteed by NICOMAC and Nicos Group Inc., with 30 years of experience and with more than 1,500 installations in North America and Worldwide.

Example of an ISO 7 and ISO 8 suites with FFU's and integrated HVAC system including installation, air balancing and clean room certification.

Design and Install by Nicos group with Nicomac Modular cleanroom system
ISO 8 FOR PPE manufacturing


- Cost effective: you know the upfront cost of your entire project, from day 1

- Time effective: Having just one point of contact, you will save time through fewer meetings and coordination

- Unique responsibility: Nicos Group will be responsible for the successful delivery of the whole project, and will be the only entity accountable for cost and schedule

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