Cleanroom Windows

November 14, 2022

All window units for Nicomac modular cleanroom system are double glazed, and fit flush with both surfaces of the wall panel system. Each unit is constructed of two panels of 3+3 mm double layered and laminated safety glass. Each panel includes a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) film laminated between two layers of glass. It is completely silicone sealed and includes a micro-perforation profile with an integral silica gel moisture condense absorption system. The window system is especially designed for the cleaning needs of the pharmaceutical cleanroom. Designed to eliminate fogging. Rounded or square corners add to the strength of the cleanroom window unit and enhance their appearance.

Windows in Modular Wall Panel System
Nicomac windows can be installed in existing clean rooms
  • Fully flush to the wall
  • Unique rounded corners available
  • Double glass and safety film
  • Full glass panels available
  • Any size available
  • No condensation/fogging effect
  • Safety glass

See below some examples from the three different product groups available:

1) Window in Modular Wall Panels

2) Window in Modular Doors

3) Window on existing walls

Cleanroom Continuous Window
Cleanroom Continuous Window
Window in Modular Door and Intrados Frame Window
Window Detail

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