Cleanrooms for Semiconductor Manufacturing

October 19, 2022

The unique Nicos Group design is suitable for certified ISO 1, ISO4 ISO5 ISO 6 ISO7 ISO8 semiconductor clean areas. For manufacturing requirements, we provide complete project management including design, construction, support, and installation.

Nicos Group's experience of over 15 years in Cleanroom projects for the highly regulated Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Cleanroom ensures we understand what it means to strict classification standards and high demanding requirements of the semiconductor manufacturing process. We have applied the same concepts and approach that made us stand out as the go-to solution for quality in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical device industries and this experience has allowed us to help our clients manage the stringent regulations for industrial cleanrooms and dry rooms in the manufacturing of semiconductors and electric chips.

Semiconductor fabs follow the ISO 14644-1 standard. Specification for device fabrication cleanrooms vary based on process type, line width, and wafer size requirements. In semiconductor manufacturing, the class will also depend on what type of processes are required in each room: Nicos Group can help with any class and process from wafer fab processes, to assembly processes prior to encapsulation, to post-encapsulation assembly and test processes.

Classifications of Semiconductor Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms facilities for microelectronic and semiconductor applications require stringent environmental controls, because of their sensitive nature of their products,. These clean rooms also will need to house extremely precise and expensive equipment. Hence, any deficiencies in the cleanliness specifications can affect the entire production process. For this reason a Flexible system is required.

Nicomac Cleanrooms comply with your requirements for the following:

- High mechanical resistance wall

- Anti-static wall system to maintain standards for semiconductor fabrication.

- Removable wall to ease transfer of large equipment.

- Flexibility

- Multi-year guarantee

- Resistant to chemical agent for cleaning

- Airtightness

- UV filtered light

- non-retention of particles

- non-proliferation of contaminating agent

Nicos Semiconductors Cleanroom Offering feature:

Raised floor system

Nicos Group has supplied several projects semiconductor cleanroom where raised floor system was required for airflow purposes.

Cleanroom Wall Systems

Nicos can work with a high variety of skin panels and insulations:

Wall Panels Skin

·        High Quality Galvanized powder-coated steel sheet

·        uPVC (Unplasticized PVC) coated steel sheets

·        HPL - High Pressure Laminate 4 mm. thick

·        Aluminum steel sheets

·        Stainless steel AISI 304 sheets

uPVC coated walls

Glass Walls

Glass walls are adopted in the battery manufacturing industry whenever it is necessary to inspect the rooms without having to enter. This lowers the risk of contamination. Furthermore, glass walls allow greater illumination to the cleanroom areas creating a more comfortable environment in which to work. Operators tend to be more productive when wall system is glass.  Glass also results in a more high-end look for your cleanroom.  This conveys quality when showcasing to stakeholders. Glass walls will typically end up being the more costly solution.

Glass wall system

Cleanroom Wall Panels Insulation Materials

HC Honeycomb aluminum

RW Rock wool

PUR High density polyurethane

PIR Polyisocyanurate

What codes and standard are there for the panels?

Nicos panels can meet both Class A (ASTM E84) and FM compliance.

Why Choose Nicos Group as your cleanroom vendor for your new battery manufacturing facility

Nicos Group has been in the cleanroom business for over 15years designing, supplying and installing modular cleanrooms for certified (ISO5 through ISO 8) clean areas. We have applied the same concepts and approach that made us stand out as the go-to solution for quality in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and life science industries. We have applied this experience to follow the stringent regulations for industrial cleanrooms and dry rooms in the manufacturing of semiconductors and electric chips.

Flexibility in Project Size

Nicos Group can work with you on projects from any size, ranging from smaller projects of 100 sq ft for R&D battery process manufacturing to 1,000,00+ sq ft large industrial battery manufacturing facilities.

Quality in details

A cleanroom where attention to quality and aesthetic details conveys a quality stamp and feel to all stakeholders involved: starting from your operators working day to day and feeling they are in a "special environment", to upper management, to your customers and to regulatory agencies inspectors. The same level of quality in details we put in our product and materials, we also put in our installation: our crew of highly tried installers are used to working in highly sensitive environments, from vaccine production facilities to hospital operating rooms, from DNA laboratories to aerospace component manufacturing facilities.

Scope of Supply

A modular cleanroom construction project is not only material supply: it means basic and detailed GMP design, jobsite management ,professional installation, validation and certification. Nicos Group can work with your team in any of the areas above, and we can guarantee that you will only be working with us throughout the whole project. From pre-sales discussions, to design, to production, to installation you will only be working with one stakeholder instead of multiple parties serving different parts of the value chain.

Speed of Execution and Flexibility in Installation

Time is of the essence for the majority of battery manufacturing plant projects.  We have been flexible in finding solutions with our stakeholders that can maximize speed of production (e.g., accelerate the production of standard panels while finalizing final touches in design phase), and splitting the installation project in multiple mobilization phases to both speed up the installation process.  We also ensure that if the first pieces of equipment start arriving, they can be stored in the sections already mobilized and installed. Furthermore, our Removable wall can help transfer of large equipment.

Experience, Experience, Experience

Project success typically comes down to small details, and how you deal and work around hurdles and challenges that arise in the project, coming from different stakeholders. At Nicos Group, with hundreds of cleanroom installations under our belt, we have probably seen and dealt with those issues before and can consult you and your stakeholders on the most efficient way to deal with them. Additionally, our pre-fab production approach ensures that the majority of the work is accomplished in production reducing amount of work is to be done on site.

Nicos has successfully completed more than 300 projects involving cleanrooms of all sizes and types, from very small to very large projects and from lower classes up to ISO 8 (Class 100,000).
Nicos is currently working with Michigan based GC on a new cleanroom and dry room facility project for a large automotive brand.  Based in Michigan, this is their newest battery manufacturing plant, with the targeted completion date in late 2023. We hope to be able to share more details when that project is completed.

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