A cleanroom at what price? Acquisition cost vs true cost.

May 14, 2021

When budgeting a cost for investments in cleanroom construction, determining initial price is sometimes a priority.  Price is also one of the factors which drives the selection of the cleanroom supplier or suppliers.  According to the activity that will be performed in the cleanroom environment, different requirements may arise and so will cleanroom costs. 

Cleanroom prices are affected by several main factors,among which:

- Space requirements.

- The process performed (which drives among, others, air quality requirements).

- Cleanroom materials and equipment selection.

- Cleanroom modularity.

Space requirements

It goes without saying, the bigger cleanroom square footage, the higher the cleanroom cost. 


Process performed

The process performed involves several requirements that determine the cleanroom costs:


- The cleanability of the environment.

- Hazardous or potent material involved.

- Biological control (i.e., aseptic processes).

- Air quality.


With reference to the air quality, ISO standard(14644-1) will help to define the proper requirements. Mechanical systems primarily affect cleanroom prices, especially in case of low ISO class modular cleanrooms.

Lower ISO classes mean higher air quality levels and amore highly sophisticated HVAC system will be required. Cleanroom prices follow the same trend: lower the class, higher the cleanroom costs. Within the same class, air changes are a major factor that affects cleanroom prices.  More air changes mean a higher need of filter units and, therefore, in an increment of your cleanroom price. Also, several HVAC systems layouts are available, at different costs.

The selection of mechanical systems is not an easy task and is usually entrusted to experienced designers. They’ll be able to suggest which one suits you, avoiding any overestimates and therefore making your investment efficient based on the process requirements. 


Cleanroom materials and equipment selection

The quality of materials is another factor thataffects cleanroom prices. 

Sometimes the lower capital investment will affect the overall cost of your project or the long-term maintenance of the cleanrooms. Durable materials, such as our High-Pressure Laminate Panels reduce the minimum cleanroom maintenance costs. Instead, low-cost cleanrooms solutions result in low-quality material that could lead to unexpected costs over the years. Therefore, when considering the selection of a modular cleanroom supplier, do not forget to consider hidden costs!

Cleanroom modularity

System modularity, which also affects the cleanroom prices, guarantees high flexibility in the cleanroom layout. It could be adapted to any modifications, even years after the installation. Stick-build approaches, that allow a lower initial cleanroom price, instead, could not be modified without invasive interventions that result in an interruption of the activity inside the cleanroom and, consequently, a loss of money. Being that modularity is considered a movable system, the choice of a modular cleanroom is also subject to tax savings and financing options.

Opting for a modular cleanroom supplier will also resultin a form of free consulting to guide you towards the best solution, in accordance with GMP and FDA requirements. Stick build solutions do not frequently provide these services. It will be your responsibility to verify that the system is compliant with all of the requirements.

When selecting a supplier, there is the need of finding a compromise between the assertions:

- “you get what you pay for.” 

- “they charge what they are capable of.” 


The right supplier will be the one who will provide:


- High-standard durable materials.

- Trained workers for installation.

- Tailored products.

- Modular system and flexibility.

- Years of expertise in cleanroom services and, therefore, reliable references. 

To summarize, cleanroom costs may vary according to the quality of the product that will be implemented which is strictly defined by the process you perform in your room. 

Initial savings could lead to hidden costs over the years, making your cleanroom maintenance, repair and operation costs increase. If you’re looking for a high-standard solution that could last over the years,relying on experts in the modular cleanroom field is the best solution. They’ll guide you in all the phases and will lead you to an effective and efficient cleanroom investment.  

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