Compounding Pharmacy Cleanrooms – USP797

April 30, 2020
compounding Pharmacy USP 797 and USP 800 compliant sterile and hazardous material ante room
Fairview Pharmay, Port Jefferson, NY
with a compounding lab cleanroom USP compliant highly visible to his customer base.

Mike, the owner of a beautiful pharmacy in Long Island, was looking for a way to step up his game and upgrade his cleanroom lab, to meet and exceed the USP guidelines and boost his pharmacy revenues with a compounding space highly visible to his customer base.

Nicos Group surveyed the available space and designed the room to fit in one of the corners of the pharmacy, using an existing wall opening as the main access to the gowning room

As per USP797 sterile guidelines, the room was engineered with a pressure cascade going from the ISO 7 compounding room, to a decreasing pressure in the ISO 8 ante-room, to a decreasing pressure in the external environment

Pressure monitoring system was designed and installed for a real time supervision of the cleanrooms.  The lab, built with anti-scratch HPL panels, and enhanced by a pass-through seamlessly integrated in the wall system, definitely stands out and now represents a big strength for Fairview Pharmacy.

cleanroom glass wall to make the cleanroom lab visible for customers

Challenges of the project:
-  Shaping our room in a corner of the pharmacy with a 80-degree, acuteangle 

-  Fitting a custom-made door in the existing wall opening

-  Completing the installation while the pharmacy was open, and in the retail area, in a clean and efficient way

Pharmacy, Manhattan, NYC, NY
cleanroom  compounding lab possible also where space lack like in the center of New York city
building cleanroom lab USP 797 in a small compounding space.

Can you build a compounding lab in less than one month from Purchase Order to completion?

Can you do it in heavy traffic, no-parking, Manhattan Borough of New York City

The experienced team at Nicos Group answered yes to both questions.

With only a very tight room available in his store, the owner of St. Anthony Pharmacy on Broadway wanted to convert that space into a USP800 compliant environment.

Nicos Group designed the room so that it would optimize the space available with our signature NICOMAC 2” thick scratch resistant cleanroom panels .

An exhaust fan with manually variable speed control was installed, in order to keep negative differential pressure in the room, and the pressure monitored by a Dwyer magnehelic gauge

Nicomac anti scratch cleanroom panels and cleanroom doors

Reliant Pharmacy, Southbury, CT
Pharmacy before Nicos group renovation to build a USP 800 compliant cleanroom lab for comounding pharmacy
Reliant Pharmacy before renovation

Upgrading and updating an existing shop to build a USP compliant compounding Pharmacy

Going through a major pharmacy renovation, Jack chose to hire the Nicos Group team to build his USP800, hazardous compounding lab.

This project is a clear example of how a “standard”corner of a pharmacy can be transformed into a very profitable investment.

By matching the position of an existing window with a see-through glazing installed in the modular panels, Nicos Group designed the room so that it allows the outside, natural light, to pass through the wall system. That solution, combined with a predominance of full height glass panels (click here to learn more about Nicomac glass partitions) gives the room a beautiful airy feeling; it allows the customers to see the compounding room; and it allows the operator to look at the retail area of thepharmacy as well.


An exhaust fan with dynamic variable speed control was installed, in order to keep negative differential pressure in the room, and the pressure monitored by a Dwyer magnehelic gauge

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