Nicos Mangini IMP Panels

Insulated Metal Panel System tailored specifically for cleanroom and dry room applications, seismic rated.

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Nicos - Mangini has been building Modular Dry Rooms and Cleanrooms for over 25 years and as the only modular system provider in the USA offering a flexible range of modular insulated metal panel materials, we cater to Modular Cleanroom IMP projects for pharma and life science as well as dry room applications ranging from the top-tier EV Automotive Hybrid Lithium Battery manufacturing plants, to Lithium-ion Battery Testing University laboratories and R&D facilities.

At Nicos-Mangini, we understand that the success of your cleanroom project hinges on a seamless integration of innovative design and reliable construction. That's why our team of highly skilled engineers and specialists work diligently with you, from the initial concept stage to the final completion, ensuring that every aspect of your cleanroom IMP facility is meticulously crafted to perfection. Our insulated metal panels are engineered to provide exceptional temperature control, maintaining the strict environmental conditions necessary for sensitive processes and delicate equipment.

Don't compromise on the quality and reliability of your cleanroom infrastructure. Partner with Nicos-Mangini and experience the assurance of cutting-edge technology, backed by a legacy of excellence in cleanroom solutions

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